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Poker Tournaments

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If you ever thought that online poker tournaments and access to the bigger world poker tournaments was reserved for the more hardcore poker players, then you are mistaken. There just happen to be certain upcoming poker tournaments which require a very small buy-in – some as little as $1. These tournaments offer the best poker tournaments and also very lucrative prize pools that you can be a part of. By qualifying through satellite tournaments, you may even be able to reach the final table at some of the world’s top tournaments. These include tables in WSOP, WPT and EPT. The following list enables you to search for the poker room that suits your own needs and playing styles. All the poker rooms are of the highest quality and are extremely reputable. Search by prize pool, date, limit, buy-in or US friendly poker rooms. The list is arranged by tournaments closest to the starting date.

Playing in Poker Tournaments

There has been a rise of popularity in poker tournaments over the past four years. In World Series of Poker, for example, the number of entrants in the Main Event alone rose by 207% from 839 in 2003 to 2,576 in 2004 and by 946% in 2006 with 8,773 entrants. This was partly due to the rise of online gaming and the opportunities poker tournaments give to promising online players. Also, this is partly due to people like Nguyen, Eastgate, and Moneymaker as well as partly due to television exposure.

Regardless of the reason for the increase in poker tournaments in an online casino and land-based casinos, poker tournaments are always considered one way to increase and strengthen your bankroll, to practice and refine your techniques, and to socialize with other poker enthusiasts all while you are having fun.

Poker Tournament Defined

Poker tournament is like any sporting tournament where players vie to win the top spot and the prize that comes with it. Poker tournaments are everywhere - from small tournaments in local brick-and-mortar casinos to televised thousand-entrants poker tournaments. Winners are determined through elimination where players with exhausted stacks are eliminated from the game.

If you want to play in a poker tournament, you have to pay what is called the buy-in from the casino. This is an amount you need to play in the tournament, and this amount is exchanged for the same amount in chips. A $100 tournament buy-in will give you $100 worth of stack, exclusive of service fees the host may collect. Winners of the tournament gain part of the total buy-in, and many casinos usually hand out prize money for the top five or top ten players. For example, for a $100 tournament with a hundred entrants, the winner may win $3,000, the second placer $2000, the next $1500, and so on.

The Poker Tournament Difference

The difference between poker tournaments from ordinary ring games lies on its dynamism. With poker tournaments, you are challenged to play with different people in a relatively short span of time. The stakes played on poker tournaments are likely raised after a specified duration, which can be as short as 15 minutes or as long as an hour. This forces players to play because they can lose money without playing. Moreover, poker tournaments shift tables more frequently than conventional ring games where tables are broken up and formed as players lose and are eliminated from the game. Winning in poker tournament compared to ring games calls for more skills, better strategies, more math and odds, more intuition, and a greater deal of luck.

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